Network Eventos has been a company for over nineteen years, specialized in the production of events in the areas of Telecommunications, Innovation and Information Technology, Communication, Banking, Judiciary, Energy, Urban Transport and Mobility, Public Safety and Planning Areas, Smart Cities, among others. Our main objective is to bring together entrepreneurs, Government and Authorities, researchers, internal collaborators, market professionals and society to encourage the exchange of knowledge and experiences, seeking alternatives for the development of the country and business opportunities for companies between various niches involved, in addition to improving people and human resources management.


Thinking about holding regional events for customers, partners and prospects? We organize the entire operation with allocated staff: elaboration, capture of prospects, execution and post-event with photos, qualitative research and final reports for your feedback.

In Company

  • The ideal training for your business avoiding unnecessary costs

Organize events inside your company by optimizing time, and avoiding many different costs with logistics, rentals, travels, meals, lodging, among others. We operationalize your needs, seeking for excellence in content development. Always focused on innovations, information technology and telecommunications, we invite the best professionals in the market to speak to your executives and employees. The themes are chosen by your team aiming at customization to reach focuses of each company, aiming to enrich and perfect the daily activities of employees, with full application of the content presented.

Focused Content • Time Optimization • Case Customization • No unnecessary extra costs • Expectations’ alignment with highest practical results


  • All the logistics needed for your event to be a success

We can also produce events for you, performing all the necessary logistics: elaboration and customized design, production and assembly, coordination with operational supervision during the realization, and relationship with customers; before and after event. Through our expert team, we provide this service using our mailing of over 100.000 names in IT and telecommunications industry – national and international ones. We bring your business closer to your customers to increase even more business developing new commercial relationships.

Consulting Services

Get your customer closer to your company. In addition to our team of professionals, we have specialized telecommunications consultants with extensive experience to perform relationship marketing consulting for your company. Our specialty is promoting networking and finding the best way to make your business viable.