Cyber Security Management and Technology Tendencies

Thiago Chagastelles

Commercial Director – thiago.chagastelles@networkeventos.com.br 


Date: May 14th, 2020

Duration: 1 day

Local: Windsor Brasília Hotel – SHN – Block 01 –  Comp. A/Block A – Entry B | Brasília/DF

Number of expected participants: 200 people

Profile: Closed event for employees and customers as from: (Serpro, Federal Revenue, Denatran, National Treasury, TCU, SETIC, Banco do Brasil, Post Office, City Halls, Ministries, among other Governamental Agencies, Public Servants and Authorities), divided into lectures and panels, conducted by specialists from technological companies and industry consultants, sharing market news, and addressing trends in Technology and Innovation.

Purpose of the Event:

The event will bring new solutions and exchange of experiences on innovative proposals for the technological market, adjusted to Serpro’s activities and activities. In addition to lectures and panels to be conducted by specialists from technological companies and industry consultants, we will promote an exhibition area, where suppliers and consultants will make demonstrations of solutions and products, in addition to exchanging experiences with opportunities for business and networking.

Date: July 23th, 2020

Site: Brasília/DF


Under construction


After the event, participants who were attended on it, will be able to consult the lectures authorized by their respective speakers, by password, via Final Report.